Thrive Optimize-Landing Page A/B Tests Made Simple

Landing Page A/B Tests Made Simple. 
Launch Tests Faster, More Often and for Crazy Cheap


Meet the Split Testing Add-On for Thrive Architect Made Especially for Data Driven Non-Techies.

Which version will turn more visitors into subscribers? A or B?

Video Landing Page


Text Landing Page


Most online marketing “experts” these days would scream “Don’t be silly… for sure A, the video landing page version!”

But let’s be real… that’s just a guess. You and I both know there’s only one way to know which variation will convert better:

You must split test the two designs against each other.

And if you’re just relying on the claims of such “experts” to make conversion optimization decisions for your online business, you’re flying blind.

You know what? It’s time you stop listening to your gurus and here’s why:

In the real life split test I showed with you above, trusting the “experts” would have cost us thousands of new email subscribers over the life of our landing page. But because we assumed ignorance and actually tested our video landing page hypothesis against a text variation, we surprised ourselves:

The video landing page (blue line) converted at 14.14% where the text landing page (green line) captured emails at 20.89%!​​

That’s a difference of 258 subscribers in just 3 weeks between the two variations!

Extrapolate that conversion difference over several weeks, months or even years and you start to realize just how important running A/B tests are to growing your business. Trusting the marketing gurus is just plain dangerous. 

But sadly, you’re not running any A/B tests on your landing pages, are you?

Yes, A/B testing is Crucial, But at What Cost?

If you need an A/B testing tool, you’re a bit stuck. Currently, these are the 3 flavors of software you have to choose from:

Free, but complicated and cumbersome to set up

Google Optimize, basically. A tool like this can be useful, but you need a degree in rocket surgery to perform even the simplest test.

Not to mention switching between your site and the testing dashboard, copy-pasting code snippets, trying to figure out what the hell Google Tag Manager does…

Super advanced, super complicated, super expensive testing services

Made for large enterprise businesses, these tools offer everything and the kitchen sink and are made for the extremely professional/nerdy full-time website optimizer… who works for a large company with deep pockets, judging by the prices.

These usually start at $99/month to $299/month. Yes, STARTS at those prices. “Entry level” they call it (with limited features and only for a small amount of traffic, of course). Or, my favorite: no price announced, just a “contact sales” link.

Yeah… I don’t think so.

Some clunky,

free WordPress plugin

Some clunky, free WordPress plugins that haven’t been updated in 3 years and that are super basic…

Those Dreaded Code Snippets

It’s the norm that part of what you need to do to use A/B testing software is copy-paste one or multiple code snippets to your site.

So, you’re supposed to access the source code of your pages and paste this huge chunk of code into the head section… and if there’s one mistake in there, will your site still load? If you have to remove it again, will you know exactly which part to remove and what to leave?

If you’ve had sweaty palms during this step of a test setup, you’re not alone.

What I’m saying here is:

You’re not really to blame if you haven’t been testing and optimizing your site as much as you know you should.

You’re stuck between a rock and a hard place. Either spend hours and hours figuring out how to use complicated tools, spend hours and a fortune on the super complicated tools or try and get some crappy free plugin to work.

You know that A/B testing will increase your profits, but you also know that your time is valuable and it’s not smart to blow half your budget on an overpriced testing tool, when you’re starting up.

All this is a bad situation,  so we decided to do something about it:


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