WP Optimize Premium Make your site fast and efficient

Download-WP Optimize Premium Make your site fast and efficient


Make your site fast and efficient.

WP-Optimize is a revolutionary, all-in-one plugin that cleans your databasecompresses your large images and caches your site.

This simple, popular and highly effective tool has everything you need to keep your website fast and thoroughly optimized!

Help boost SEO, retain customers by reducing user bounce and do more with fewer server resources.

rusted by almost 1 million WordPress sites, this simple yet powerful tool has everything you need to keep your website lean, clean and thoroughly optimized.

Clean the database

Keep your database clean and fast.

DetailsDetails of the Database optimisation feature

Compress images

Optimize your images and keep your page load low.

DetailsDetails of the Image optimisation feature


Cache your pages and speed up your site dramatically.

DetailsDetails of the caching feature

What can WP-Optimize do?

Free and Premium Versions

Clean the database

Your WordPress database stores everything that you need for your website – plus many things that you don’t. WP-Optimize clears out all of this unnecessary data, cleans up your tables and even retrieves space lost to data fragmentation. This is the first and most basic step to a fast & efficient website.

Mobile friendly, the main database features are:


Retain data during clean-ups

Retains a set number of weeks’ data during clean-ups, just in case you need to retrieve something

Easy optimization

Optimizes without the need for manual queries.    Just set it up and WP-Optimize will take care of      the rest


Displays database table statistics. Useful if you want to check your figures more closely


Carries out automatic clean-ups. Don’t worry about forgetting to do the necessary jobs, we take all the work out of it


Enabled for admin only

Keep your site safe and secure by setting everything up so your site is only accessible by the admin


Set notifications

Automatically bulk enable/disable linkback methods so you don’t have to keep checking

Incredibly simple to use, it automatically cleans out:



Clean up auto draft posts so your database isn’t full of old and useless drafts


Deletes Akismet and other stale metadata from comments


Removes stale post revisions and post trash

Trackbacks and pingbacks

Remain clutter free with the removal of automatic notifications, acknowledgements and refrences



No one likes spam, so stay clear of unapproved, spam or trashed comments with automatic deletion

Transient options

Removes temporary options, which are kept in the database for a certain period

Compress images

WP-Optimize also has an image-compression tool that uses cutting-edge lossy/lossless compression techniques to convert large images (which take a long time to load up) into compressed files saved in your image library, where they can be uploaded in an instant.

It enables you to compress PNG, JPG, GIF, BMP and TIF pictures and it’s packed with other useful features. This can help the page load much faster and significantly reduce server resources used by freeing space up.

Image optimization features include:

Restore originals function

Allows you to retrieve or revert back to your original images at any point, should you need them


EXIF data-keeping

Retain image information even once the image is compressed, giving access to the original image data

Auto-compress function

Save time by changing settings to automatically compress images as they’re added to the site

Compress big files function

Big files can slow down your site. Compress images up to 64MB

Bulk compression

Compress every single existing image on your site at the same time with the press of a button

Lossy or Lossless compression options

Compress your images and choose between maximum space saving or best image quality


Caching involves keeping dynamic data in a temporary storage area so that it can be retrieved in an instant. It’s a sure-fire way to ensure that web pages load at lightning-fast speed.

Our WP-Optimize cache feature loads your WordPress posts and pages as static files, thus reducing the processing load on the web server (and preventing overload if PHP and MySQL are used), which helps to improves your website’s speed and performance. With minimal configuration, the plugin is easy to use and has a load of useful features.

Caching features include:

Cache preloading

Ensures the cache is always ready and loaded for faster loading times


Gzip compression

Compresses HTML, JavaScript, and CSS to reduce site load time


Device-specific cache

Ensures the optimized page version is always served


Advanced exclude rules

Allows you to cache just what you need, by excluding logged in users, specific URLs or cookies

Browser cache

Instructs client browsers to reuse resources (HTML, CSS, JS) if no changes were made since the last request

What are the additional benefits of Premium?

Multisite support

Optimize any site (or combination of sites) on your WordPress Multisite or network


Choice and flexibility

Choose from a number of advanced options, like the ability to optimize individual DB tables

Remove unwanted images

Remove orphaned images and images exceeding certain size limits from WordPress sites

Lazy load

Only loads the parts of a web-page that is visible to the user, which allows a page to load much faster


Sophisticated scheduling system to make regular routine optimizations whenever you prefer


Logging and reporting

Send log messages to three additional locations: Slack, Syslog and Simple History

Multilingual and multi-currency compatible

This makes caching work smoothly if you use multiple languages or currencies on your site

Premium support

Get your specific queries addressed directly by our experts

Run from WP-CLI

Run optimization commands directly on command-line with detailed output on screen

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