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Make Your WordPress Site Blazingly Fast and Rank Higher on Search Engines with Smush Pro

Automatically optimize every image ever uploaded to your website with the highest possible quality at the smallest possible size. You manage thousands of images with WordPress, watch the savings pile up!


Over 35 Billion Images Optimized. That’s Billion…With a B.

Delivers Images at Half the Size Without a Visible Drop in Quality

Image afterSuper Smush 139KB
Image beforeOriginal 460KB

More than Double the Savings

Don’t just Smush your images, Smush Pro users get Super-Smush with advanced multi-pass lossy compression that increases savings more than 2x on average over lossless optimization.

Try it for yourself, a difference you *can’t* see.

Bulk Smush and optimize your existing image library with a click

Bulk Optimize

Already uploaded thousands of images to your site? No problem. Bulk Smush will optimize all your images with a click. And not just for your media library. Smush compression works on any image in any directory.

No Contracts. No Lock-in. Your Images.

Own and retain the rights to every one of your compressed files. Smush Pro servers compress and return every image so you can change systems or deactivate Smush Pro and continue serving your super-smushed images.

Smush image size detection
Use image size detection to quickly locate images that are oversized

Perfect Fit Image Resizing

“Serve Scaled Images” as recommended by Google. Automatically scale and serve the best image size for every user. Smush Pro resizes perfect fit images based on screen and container size.

Two Hundred Percent Faster Compression Engine


200% Faster

Smush Pro’s CPU  compress images a whopping 200% faster than Smush free.

Super Smush

2x the compression than lossless with intelligent multi-pass lossy compression.

Image CDN

10GB delivery from the 65 Tbps 45 location Smush CDN for near instant page loading.


WebP Conversion

Convert and share WebP images over 25% smaller than JPEG and PNG.

Restore Originals

Store original files so you can quickly restore full quality images at any time.


Optimize all your images on upload and keep your site running at top speed.

Smush CDN Settings
Smush Pro includes 10GB of CDN bandwidth on our 65 Tbps servers

Put Your Images in the Express Lane

Pro users get 10GB delivery per month from the Smush Pro 65 Tbps CDN served from 45 locations around the world (that means we make your site load crazy fast for every visitor).

Choose a built-in Lazy Load animation or upload a custom style

Work Smarter with Lazy Load

Defer offscreen images with the flip of a switch. Smush lazy load includes custom animations and full-range selectors that improve page speed by waiting to load images until they’re needed.

Save BIG with Next-Gen and WebP

Next-gen WebP images

Serve WebP files to save 25% over JPEG and PNG on average and auto-convert PNG to JPEG when additional savings are detected.

Directory Smush in WP Smush Pro
Optimize images in any directory with Smush

Compress any Image in any Directory

Smush isn’t just limited to the media library. Compress images in any directory.

Optimize images stored in any folder including images in EVERY WordPress plugin and theme!

Smush Pro integrates with other popular plugins

Improve All Your Plugins with Smush Pro

Use Smush Pro with your favorite WordPress plugins and themes, including NextGEN Gallery, Amazon S3 with WP Offload S3, WPBakery Page Builder, and WP Retina 2x.

  • This is one of the first plugins I install on every WordPress site I create. WP Smush Pro will optimize performance and stop heavy image files from overloading your server.

    Jonathan Melgoza

  • Wonderful plugin, little by little it saves megabytes of image downloads. Faster site = happier customer = happier Google… What’s not to love. Just set it and forget, and you’ll be sure that any images you uploaded gets the squeeze. Thanks!

    Olivier – Co-founder @ Frenchtoday.com

  • Easy to use, and has really helped reduce page loading times. Great plugin!

    Luke Jones – blogger, movement practitioner, burrito-eater and wellness advocate @ Hero Health Room

  • This plug-in is one of the best things I have installed on my site because my site loads quicker than ever – and all the while Smush is working for me in the background, quietly doing it’s thing! Definitely recommend it to anyone who has a slow loading site.


  • Just sits there and quietly makes my site more awesome. What’s not to like?

    Ted Curran

  • Simple and powerful, the best mix you can hope for in a plugin. This is one of the 1st additions to a new installation of WP. Install and leave to run.


  • WP Smush is one of my favorite plugins! I always use it as the first step when starting a website improvement.

    Camilo – WordPress Advisor

  • The new features are awesome!! The ability to SMUSH ALL THE THINGS is definitely super handy!

    Sean Christman

Strip Image Metadata

Remove meta data

Are you a photographer that wants to keep all of your camera meta attached? Smush can compress your images without removing the EXIF data.

WordPress media library
Smush automatically compress images as they are being uploaded so you can focus on creating great content

Free Up Storage Space

Save a ton of space on your servers by optimizing originals up to 32MB. Not worried about space? Leave originals and quickly restore your uncompressed files with a click.

Smush Multisite Settings
Manage Smush settings globally for your entire Multisite network.

Global Control For Multisite

WPMU DEV is the original Multisite plugin creator. Use Smush Pro to optimize unlimited images across an entire network with both global and individual subsite settings.

Award-Winning Image Optimization

Voted user’s choice champion and WordPress.org theme unit data comparison tested faster, more reliable, and saving more space than any other image optimization plugin.

Speed up your site and start saving space with Smush in under a minute

30-second Startup Wizard

Smush Pro’s simple guided setup wizard will have you compressing images in under a minute. Quickly toggle the perfect settings for your site, click finish, and watch the savings start piling up.

WPMU DEV membership
Get Smush and everything you need to optimize WordPress with WPMU DEV

Unlimited All-in-One Optimization

Upgrade to Smush Pro with WPMU DEV your all-in-one WordPress platform. Join now and get everything you need to host and manage WordPress websites. Fast. Secure. Unlimited. Get started free for 30-days.

Smush Pro Image Optimizer Feature Specs

Compress, resize, and share all your images without crushing quality

  • Double savings with Super-Smush
  • Automatic optimize on upload
  • Unlimited images every month
  • Smush Pro global CDN
  • Compress huge photos up to 32MB
  • Perfect-fit auto image resize
  • Lazy Loading for offscreen images
  • WebP next-gen file conversion
  • PNG to lossy JPEG smart convert
  • One-click compress existing images
  • Retain rights to every file forever
  • Optimize images in any folder
  • Smush or save original image files
  • Multisite global and subsite settings
  • Lossy compression with little quality loss
  • Amazon S3 plugin integration
  • NextGEN Gallery compatible
  • Preserve EXIF data
  • WP Retina 2x plugin support
  • Dedicated smushing servers
  • HTTPS encrypted browsing compatible
  • WPML media compatible
  • Lossless compression
  • Strip unused colors from indexed images
  • Progress and savings reporting
  • Compress individual images
  • Instant asynchronous compression
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