KingComposer Pro-Lightweight Powerful PageBuilder

Lightweight & Extremely Powerful
WordPress Page Builder Plugin

Whether you’re a WordPress expert or beginner,
KingComposer gives you a seamless experience from back-end to front-end.


— Why use KingComposer? —

50,000 websites across the world today use KingComposer because it’s…

  • Easy to Use

    We built it with your experience in mind, create your art with minimal effort

  • Faster than Others

    Built using advanced JavaScript features, paint your masterpiece fast

  • Free & Open Source

    Don’t worry about copyright issues. Put your trust in KingComposer


Use KingComposer with your current favorite theme or switch in the future while never fearing loss of designs. Homepages, landing pages, any page or custom post type thrown at it; it simply works.

KingComposer UI

Ultra-high Performance Back-End Editor

KingComposer is extremely lightweight in performance. We’ve spent many hours developing our own unique and stylized UI ( Drag & Drop, Sortable, Draggable, Render Templates, etc… )..

KingComposer makes it a truly smooth and wonderful experience to work with large amounts of content.

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Visual Front-End Editor

Upgrade to KingComposer Pro and get a front-end Live Editor that gives you the best real-time design experience. KingComposer Pro displays an exact preview of content while you edit on-screen elements. You can even preview your content on mobile and tablet devices.

No need to code like other page builders, KingComposer supports many options with CSS controls for all elements. Design your ideas with drag & drop, copy/paste between tabs, even customize easily from a right-click menu.

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KingComposer no-ajax

Changes in Real Time

No matter where you work; localhost or live host, KingComposer lets you design from the WordPress Dashboard or the Website front-end, in real time.

As a Website Developer, you know time is money! KingComposer makes all your changes instantly and perfectly.

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Working with a mouse is a quick way to perform actions, especially in KingComposer, where a right-click menu in Back-end and Front-end editor mode, gives you control. It even supports a responsive mouse!

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The KingComposer Settings panel is a floating element you can move to any position. Even pin it along the right or left side. You can even resize the panel to allow more visibility while modifying page content.

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There are screen size settings for each CSS element for the best responsive adjustments. Build your Website to look its best on any device, tablet, mobile, smartphone…

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40+ Website templates for the back-end and front-end editors are available online. Give your clients more options for their pages.

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Every day we build free element presets that give our users the easiest ways to use them, with only one-click. If you want to share your presets, just Contact Us.

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Copy & Paste Anything

Speed up your task by copying elements/rows from page to page, even between browser tabs.

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Access 850+ Google Fonts with live preview from any where, to build beautiful content.

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